Eyebrow Shaping for beginners: What is the best eyebrow shape for my face?

Each face is unique and everyone has a special feature that emphasizes our natural beauty.

Eyebrows are fundamental not only to shape our faces but also to express our emotions, and that's why choosing the right shape for our eyebrows is a quick way to give an upgrade to our look. We rarely realize the dramatic effects that eyebrows can have until they fall off or change.

We have realized the importance of professional eyebrow shaping to balance the symmetry of the face. 


So enough talking and let's go to the point:

What is the best eyebrow shape for my face?


It is crucial to frame the facial features and create a subtle look. If the shaping job is done correctly, you can walk out of the house with minimal effort looking fantastic. 

The key reason for eyebrow shaping is that it can enhance the beauty of your wonderful eyes and it create a dazzling glow on the face.

You bet that a proper shaping job can give a modern touch since the eyes will seem lifted.

In the past, plucking was the best way of giving shape to the eyebrows. But now with the trend of fuller eyebrows, this technique is almost gone! Tweezing, threading and waxing are some procedures that are currently in use to shape the eyebrows. It is a complex skill involving a lot of precision and measurement to provide a perfect arch to the clients suiting their face type.

Since eyebrows have the power to alter the overall appeal, understanding the brow and face shape is inevitable to get that bang-on symmetry and balance. Facial shapes fall into the basic five categories: oval, round, heart, and square.



1) Oval Face Type

Having an oval-shaped face is a blessing in disguise. Amongst the others, this one is the most yearned face shape. Women who have this face cut usually have a broader forehead than the chin. The cheekbones are high and prominent creating a flattering shape. Any brow shape would suit these lucky women. However, to balance the facial features it is advisable to go for a shallow arch and soft angle that would add dimension by bringing a subtle appeal.


3) Round Face Type

Those beauties having approximately the same facial width and height fall into this face type. Since the facial cut is circular, the eyebrow shaping round face must aim to elongate the face. You can aim for this with the vertical point of high-arched brows that proffer to make the face look slimmer by adding definition to cheekbones. Besides this, brushing your brow in the upwards direction and adding highlighter to your brow bone can immensely assist in lifting your face.


2) Heart Face Type

If you have a wider forehead and a pointed chin then you are someone with a heart-shaped face. To soften the sharp angular features that characterize this face cut, your eyebrows should be rounded without a high arch. This will help to soften the sharp angles creating a balance. Another thing to bear in mind would be that the eyebrows at all times must be chic and well-maintained.


4) Square Face Type

This facial structure is usually marked by a similar width of forehead, cheekbones, and jawline. The focus on the eyebrow shape here is to make the face look leaner by balancing the broad jawline. Achieve this goal by slightly rounded brows with a strong angled arch.


5) Diamond Face Type

Tapering forehead and chin with broad cheekbones is the peculiar mark of this facial cut. The usually long looking face can be lifted upwards by curving the eyebrows to create an illusion of a shorter face. You can flexibly alter the length of your brow and make it longer to balance the sharp jawline.


6) Long Face Type

The lovely ladies adorning this face cut have prominent cheekbones with a long face. To add more width to the face, flat brows with minimum arch would do the trick. The tail of the eyebrow should be lighter and extended with a curve in the downward direction beyond the outer extreme of the eye. This would help in cutting the face length and providing horizontal balance to the facial features.



Your eyebrows are unique and a feature of facial beauty, important to shape our look and to express emotions. Shaping your eyebrows according to your face format is fundamental for a quick upgrade on your look to make you feel fantastic.

Appropriate caring is the most important thing to maintaining your fabulous eyebrows and we have a full range of products to help you with this task effortlessly.


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