How to get natural fuller brows like a pro

how to get fuller brows like a pro

How to get natural fuller brows like a pro

Filling in your eyebrows is one of those beauty measures where a little bit of work goes a long way, but if you don't know what you're doing, it's easy to make a mess of it. We have built this guide for you to help you get it done as a pro.

It has become increasingly important in recent years to have a pair of properly groomed, strong brows. While some truly devastating over-plucking catastrophes were seen in the '90s and early' 00s, lush brows are now, hopefully, here to stay.

That said, another beauty mishap has accompanied the rise of full brows. Unnatural, ultra-heavy overdrawn brows. 

The best way to have fuller and natural-looking brows is with the use of a brow pomade.

For a more natural look, a brow pomade thickens, forms, and fills in brows. Plus, all you need to do is brush it on using short, upward strokes as the formula sticks to your individual brow hairs. It is super easy to apply.

With some practice, even filled-in brows can look natural, but many individuals tend to overdo it on the powder and pencils. On the other hand, a brow pomade is more foolproof because no drawing is needed. Give this pick a go if you're in a hurry each morning and looking for something a bit different than your typical filler.

How to fill your eyebrows

The best results will be given by clean brows. We recommend selecting an eyebrow tint colour that matches your natural roots to make sure your brows look as natural as possible. 

For an everyday look, start by brushing up your brows with a spoolie to see if there are any gaps or sparse areas you need to fill.

You want your filler to appear like natural hair and not like a thick block of tint. To get a natural look, begin with short light strokes that replicate the length of the hair on your eyebrows. Then begin under your natural arch, slightly thickening the brow. Don't fill in the head of the brow to guarantee a natural look.

For a more dramatic look, you can extend the tail of the brow with an eyebrow pencil.

Make things look nice and natural after filling in the brow by once again using the spoolie to brush the brows up and out.

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