How to Use Liquid Eyeliner for a Winged Effect!

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How to Use Liquid Eyeliner for a Winged Effect!

Liquid eyeliner is one of those items in the world of makeup that scares many of us! There are so many people who try and find other alternatives just because handling the ‘liquid’ effect isn’t a very easy task. However, the winged effect that you can create with liquid eyeliner is absolutely stunning! This is why we have compiled a list of very easy steps which you can follow to create a winged effect using one of the best eyeliners that is Amar Cosmetics Eyeliner Pen! This pen is specifically created for the beginners who are ready to dive into the ‘winged’ eyeliner world!

How to get the Winged Effect as a Beginner?

The Amar Cosmetics Eyeliner Pen has a very precise felt-tip and it is exactly like your ‘pen’. This felt-tip is created to work on any and every eye-shape possible. If you are a beginner, you can start with an eye-pencil and carve a wing for yourself and then follow up using the Eyeliner Pen. A very easy step is to start with dots and create a cat-eye and then connect the dots!
Another tip that we would like to share with you all is related to the use of scotch-tape! Yes! You read that right! Take a small piece of scotch tape and stick it under your lower lash line, pointed towards your eyebrow in a way that it helps you create a ‘winged’ effect. Now, take the Amar Cosmetics Eyeliner Pen and apply it on your lash line – using the scotch-tape as the help. Now, wait for the liquid eyeliner to dry out, before you move on to take the scotch-tape off. You can then proceed to the next eye, and you will notice the perfect winged eyeliner EVER!
Moreover, the most important part of this entire process is practice, practice and practice. The more you try using the eyeliner pen, the better you would create the perfect wing! Everybody’s eyes are different and there is no perfect rulebook to follow.

A Few Tips and Tricks!

There are little things that can help you create a perfect wing, and one of the most important things is priming your eyes before you go in with the eyeliner. Even if you have messed up your eyeliner a little, you can take a tiny amount of your concealer and dab it using your fingertips to correct your eyeliner. You can also go in with a Q-tip and apply a little amount of micellar water and fix the wing carefully!

Let us know your tips and tricks for applying liquid eyeliner in the comments down below, and we shall see you next time.

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