The best alternative to microblading

Microblading is promoted by some beauticians as the semi-permanent makeup solution for perfect eyebrows, but this technique seems to have a few scary downsides and can leave you with disastrous results. The first issue with microblading is that the procedure cuts the skin in order to deposit the pigment (like a tattoo). Any time your skin is cut there is a serious risk of infection and scarring.

As the microblading usually never lasts more than a few months, it will require more and more touch-ups for the rest of your life. As you can imagine, the constant repetition of this procedure can permanently damage your skin and may even kill your existing hair follicles. Once your skin suffers this kind of trauma, there is no way to repair it. 

As microblading is a manual technique, you are also at risk if you are unlucky enough to choose an inexperienced person to perform the procedure. A simple Google image search is enough to reveal some disastrous results of poorly executed microblading. 

But not to worry you can avoid this trouble and risk by using some smart alternatives that will make your brows look amazing.

So those who fear such painful and traumatic procedures can choose another alternative to microblading such as using brow pencils. These eyebrow pencils come in different sizes, shades, intensity and textures and with waterproof formula, they can be used on any occasion. The eyebrow pencils have a fine tip that allows creating hair-like strokes on your eyebrows. They are also a great alternative to microblading as they prevent your skin from risky treatments which can cause skin infections if the procedure is not carried out properly, which sounds incredibly alarming.

Here are some pointers that can convince you why microblading is not the best option for maintenance of the eyebrows. 

Infection is the worst downside of microblading, which can occur due to unsterile and low-quality equipment used in the procedure.

Eyebrow pencils allows you to adjust the look of your eyebrows according to your mood and occasion, being possible to change the style and colour anytime you want.

When compared to eyebrow pencils, microblading can be a lot more expensive, and may not be accessible to everyone.

Once the procedure is done, it may take weeks of care just like any other surgical procedure, and during this period, no makeup can be applied or your skin can become infected.

Brow pencil: the best alternative

Benefits of using eyebrows pencils

The Amar Eyebrow Pencil comes in a variety of shades, giving you a full range of possibilities.

The Amar Eyebrow Pencil is affordable and made to last, developed with a waterproof formula.

It is also made with high-quality ingredients, is gentle on your skin and has a highly pigmented formula, giving the desired result with just a few strokes.

The Amar Eyebrow Pencil can be fun to use as you have the choice to create your desired shape, depending upon the event and your mood. One day you can have straight and elongated eyebrows, the next you can have fuller, thicker eyebrows.

These eyebrow pencils are small and thin in shape just like a regular pencil which is easy to carry everywhere and fits in your small bag. You can take them out wherever you want to touch up your perfectly shaped eyebrows. With all these benefits who wouldn't want to use the Amar Eyebrow Pencil?

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