Hello to all of our lash, brow and makeup lovers!

For those of you who are new to the brand, we welcome you to AMAR. We are a UK based brow and lash branch who launched in February 2019. AMAR is co owned by myself, Rosanna Marie and Aysha. We met a few years back, in the gym, when I used to PT Aysha. From the get go, we formed a great  friendship with a shared interest and love for for lashes and makeup.

At the time, Aysha was a part time MUA specialising in Asian bridal makeup and I was a personal trainer and a bikini competitor. We would often sit and share our latest buys and this often included new false eyelashes.

Aysha and I are total opposites in many ways but one thing we shared the same thoughts on was that eyelashes at the time were not designed to suit a lot of eye shapes and sizes. How many of you ladies with big eyes cannot for the life of you find a pair of eyelashes that cover the length of your eyelid. I for sure fit in this category! Aysha, having worked with a wide variety of brides, also agreed that there was a gap in the market to cater to all eye shapes and sizes. Not only are our lashes suitable for bigger eyes, but they're also perfect to trim from the outer edges for smaller eyes like Aysha's. Often when you trim lashes from the outer edge they can lose their shape however our lashes do not have this issue.

Whilst doing our market research, we also noticed that a lot of other lash brands suggested that the maximum use of their lashes would be 10-15 times. By designing our lashes on a more durable and flexible band, you are able to get approximately 25 uses out of each pair with good care. Our lash band is also made out of cotton, ensuring that you get a comfortable wear each time.

After the creation of the lashes, it came to the boxes. The question was, what do we want our customers to get from a box? With each of us leading busy lives, whether it's traveling or being in and out of the gym, we knew we had to design something durable. We chose a travel friendly box with a small, practical mirror making it easy for people on the go but equally for those who want to store their lashes in a safe box when not in use.

Following the success of our lashes, we launched our brow range which includes a brow pencil and brow pomade. Our brow products are long lasting, waterproof and extremely durable. Both products can create natural or full brow looks depending on your preferred effect and technique.

Here at AMAR, we pride ourselves in creating and delivering the highest quality of products and customer service. We strive for each customer to feel valued and for them to love their products as much as we do!

We thank you for taking the time to read our first blog post. We will be posting many more in the near future. In the meantime if you have any questions or suggestions then please feel free to contact us via email at amarlashes@gmail.com.

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